Can You Use Magic Eraser To Restore Headlights?

Irrespective of the condition of your car, driving with a foggy or yellowish headlight is unsafe. Therefore, you should care for your headlight the same way you care for the engine, brake, gear, and other parts of the car. However, hiring a professional who would clean the headlight could be expensive.

Therefore, car users seek alternative means in magic erasers. Can a magic eraser restore the headlight? Read on for more information in this guide.

The magic eraser can perform magic when you use it to clean a foggy headlight. The little sponge known as the magic eraser can restore foggy headlight, remove stains, markers, etc.

It would clean the headlights without damaging or scratching them. Do you think this is impossible? In this guide, you will get more information about the magic eraser and how you can use it to restore headlights.


How good can a magic eraser restore a headlight?

Cleaning a yellowish and foggy headlight is not easy with ordinary water. I guess you have tried it in the past. With a magic eraser, you can restore your headlights within twenty minutes of use.

How then do you apply a magic eraser to your headlight? Highlighted below are a few of the steps you should take when you want to clean your headlights with a magic eraser.

Get the magic eraser

Relatively expensive though, but when you consider your safety and the amount you will spend if caught driving with foggy headlights, you will know that it is not expensive.

The first thing you need to do when you want to clean your headlights is to buy the magic eraser. Do you think it is scarce? No, you can get it within your neighbourhood.

Activate the melamine

There is a melamine foam inside the little sponge. For effective usage, you can wet the sponge lightly or soak it in a little water for a few seconds.

Scrub surface gently

Once you have activated the melamine foam, you can then apply the magic eraser to your headlight. However, to avoid any potential damage to your headlight, make sure you scrub the magic eraser gently on your headlights.

Allow drying

Once you are satisfied with the scrubbing, you can either dry the surface by using a clean dry towel to wipe the surface of the headlight or leave it to air dry.

Use again

One unique thing about the magic eraser is that you can use it again. Therefore, you can decide to keep the magic eraser at home for future use. Nevertheless, the magic eraser becomes unfit for use when it begins to fall apart.

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Precautions when you use a magic eraser for your headlights

A magic eraser is a wonderful piece of sponge that could perform wonders when used properly. Inappropriate use of the magic eraser could cause you damages, therefore, you need to be cautious when you want to use it.

It has melamine foam which could be dangerous on some surfaces in the car. Highlighted below are some of the places you should not apply the magic eraser in your car.

Car paint

Yes, the magic eraser works wonders, it removes hard stains and could restore foggy headlights. However, it could be dangerous when you apply it to the paint of the car.

You might have a dent stain on your car and you would like to remove it, a magic eraser is not an option here. Do you know why?

A magic eraser could perform more than sandpaper when it is wet. Therefore, applying it to the car could scratch the car or remove the paint.


Depending on where you want to apply it, the magic eraser is not entirely safe for the interior of a car. The magic eraser could be dangerous if you use it to clean the dashboard, the plastic can holders, and other plastic surfaces inside the car.

In addition, it could peel off your seat, especially if it is a leather seat. Therefore, the magic eraser is not recommended for use in the interior of a car.

Reasons why my headlights get foggy or yellowish

Driving with a yellowish or foggy headlight is unsafe. It could reduce the level of vision by 50%. Have you ever wondered what could be responsible for that? Well, read on for more information on what causes a foggy headlight.

Wear and tear

Automotive makers are always concerned about your safety, hence they manufacture car headlights with a watertight seal which would prevent the headlights from water vapour.

However, due to tear and wear, the seal becomes broken, thereby exposing the headlight to water vapour. When this happens, the beam of the light is damaged and it causes a foggy headlight.


The headlights come in contact with debris on different road surfaces. This debris wears down the headlight, at times stick on it, thereby turning it yellow and foggy appearance.


When the car is on the road over some time, it could develop a tiny layer of chemicals over the lenses of the headlight. This could make the headlight turn yellow or foggy.


Headlights become oxidized when exposed to UV light. Although automotive makers made headlights with a topcoat that would prevent this, the coating wears off over time. Therefore, sunlight will turn the headlights yellow.

How do I prevent my headlights from turning yellow or foggy?

Keeping the car in good condition is always the priority of every car owner. One of the parts of the car that should be prioritized is the headlights.

Is there anything you can do to prevent the headlights from turning yellow? Yes, there are things you can do. Here is a list of some of the things you could do to prevent the headlights from turning yellow foggy.

Park in a shade

It has been stated earlier that sunlight could turn the headlights yellow. However, you can prevent this by parking under a shade.

If possible, you can construct a garage for your car or you pack your car under a shade. Nevertheless, if the options are not available, you can park your car in such a way that the headlight would not face the sun when you park outside.

Wash regularly

Apart from washing the car regularly, you should also make it a habit to wash the headlights with automotive soap, at least once in three months.

This will remove dirt and chemicals that might be on the headlight. If you want to do this, it is recommended that you allow a professional do it.

Polish the headlight

If you notice any yellow stain on the headlights, you can use a non-abrasive polish. Apply the polish microfiber on a clean cloth and then apply it gently on the lenses of the headlights. However, be careful when you want to apply the polish because it could wear down the coat.

Dangers of driving with a foggy headlight

You might not know what it means for the headlight to be in good condition until you have to drive at night or in a cloudy condition.

Your safety is a priority for automotive makers but you could be subjected to high risk when your headlights are foggy or yellow. Highlighted below are some of the dangers associated with driving with a foggy headlight.


Many states in the US have safety laws for automobiles. If your headlight is foggy, the officer could pull you over, and hand you a fine.

You could pay extra fines if you do not fix the headlights after a period. In addition, you could be charged to court and that means you will be spending more money.

Blurred vision

A driver needs to see the road clearly while driving. However, with a foggy or yellow headlight, it becomes difficult for the driver to see the road. I am sure you know this is very dangerous.

Slow driving

Irrespective of the car’s ability, you might not be able to move at the desired speed when your headlight is foggy. You will have to slow down to avoid being in danger. What if there is an emergency? Make sure your headlight is in good condition always.


According to statistics by USA Today, about 2,500 people are killed every year at night when they want to cross the road. Do you know what is responsible for that? These deaths are usually associated with foggy headlights.

The driver couldn’t see the pedestrian. Apart from that, you could be the victim also. You can be involved in a collision and this could be risky to your safety.

Can You Use Magic Eraser To Restore Headlights – The Take Home 

Driving with a foggy headlight is dangerous, hence the need to keep it in good shape always. To restore the headlight, you can use the magic eraser. However, there is a need for you to be cautious while you use it because it could be dangerous on some delicate parts of the car.

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