Can You Use Windex On Car Paint?

A neat exterior of a car is very important. It makes the car look attractive and increases its value. In a bid to enhance the exterior of a car, many car owners make use of different cleaning products, such as Windex and many other products. However, some car owners do ask if they can make use of Windex on car paint. 

Windex is a cleaning material that can potentially harm your car paint if you use it to clean the car paint. It contains chemicals, such as ammonia, that might dissolve the car paint when it comes in contact with it. Read on for more information in this guide. 


Is Windex safe on car paint? 

Shining car paint is the joy of every car owner. In a bid to enhance the look of your car paint, do not make use of Windex.

Though it might shine bright when you use it and you might not notice any potential harm, it will, however, ruin your car paint with time when it oxidized. Therefore, Windex is not safe on car paint.

Reasons why you should not use Windex on car paint

It has been stated earlier that you should not use Windex on your car paint. If you have been using it ignorantly before, you might likely see reasons why you have to stop after reading this guide. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you should not use Windex on your car paint. 

It removes car paint

You might not notice the effect of Windex immediately after you apply it to your car paint. With time, your car paint will begin to remove when it oxidized due to the use of Windex. 

Ugly look

This sounds funny, right? You applied Windex on your car paint because you want to enhance its look. The process might result in dull paint that will make the car look less attractive. 

Additional expenses

You might have to spend more money when you use Windex on your car paint. The product will either remove your car paint or make it shine less.

When this happens, you will have to spend additional money to repaint your car or you settle for cruising in an ugly car. 

It is not designed for cleaning car paint

Have you ever wondered the reason why Windex was manufactured before you apply it to your car paint? Well, the product is meant for cleaning glass and removing grease substances from surfaces. Therefore, you are potentially abusing the use of the product when you use it on your car paint. 

Reduced value

You cannot compare the value of a car paint that shines with the one that is dull if they are the same model and from the same maker. If you have the plan to sell the car in the future and the paint is removed or dull, the value of the car will decrease. 

Increase rate of oxidation

It is unlikely that you will not cruise your car when the sun shines. When you apply Windex on your car paint and you cruise the car in sun, the rate of oxidation will increase, leading to ruined car paint sooner than you thought. 

Attract dirt

When you use Windex on your car paint, it will look shiny. However, the moment after you have applied it, the car will look dirty again because Windex will attract dirt and dust to the car, especially when you cruise in it. 

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What can I use Windex to clean in a car? 

Windex is an effective cleaning product but you should not use it on your car paint. However, there are several parts of the car, especially the interior that you can use Windex to clean. Highlighted below are some parts of the car interior that you can use Windex to clean

  1. Windshield: You can use Windex to clean the windshield to have an improved vision when you drive. 
  2. Offensive odour: If you notice offensive from any part of your car interior, you can use Windex to clean such a place. The result will be surprising within a few hours of use. 
  3. Dashboard: When the dashboard is dirty, you can use Windex to clean it and watch how it will begin to shine. In addition, you can use Windex to clean the can holders and the steering wheel. 
  4. Stubborn grease: If there is any spot within the car interior where there is stubborn grease which you have cleaned but the residuals remain. You can use Windex to clean such grease spots. 
  5. Car seat: When you notice that the car seat is dirty or you perceive an offensive odour from it due to sweat, you can use Windex to clean the seat. 
  6. Trunk: You should not neglect the trunk of your car when you are cleaning the car. You can use Windex to clean the cargo space occasionally. 

Alternatives to using Windex to clean car paint

When you use Windex to clean car paint, you are potentially ruining the car paint. However, you have to clean the car and ensure that it is in good condition.

What can you then do if you do not want to use Windex to clean car paint? Here is a list of the alternative things you can do that will still make the car paint shine. 

  1. Wash thoroughly: You might likely consider using Windex to clean the car paint when the car is dirty or the paint is not shining. When you wash your car regularly, there won’t be the need for you to use Windex because the paint will be shining. 
  2. Wash with automotive soap: There are many detergents out there that have bleaching contents in them. When you use such detergent to wash the car, you are potentially ruining the paint. Therefore, you should make use of automotive-rated soap when you want to wash the car. 
  3. Repaint: If the car paint is dull and you don’t like it, you can repaint the car if you can afford it. Using Windex on the car paint will further harm the paint. 

What can I do to maintain my car paint? 

For a car paint to keep shining, it takes effort from all car owners. Shining car paint makes the car attractive and increases its value. Highlighted below are some of the ways you can make your car paint continually shine. 

Park under shade

Direct sunlight will easily oxidize the car paint. It is recommended that you park the car under a shade. You can construct a garage where you will pack your car regularly. 

Wash with automotive soap

With regular washing of the car with soap and water, debris and dirt will be washed away from the car paint, thereby potentially increasing the lifespan of the car paint. 

Use car cover

In a situation where you cannot construct or afford a car garage, you can buy water resistant car cover. Once you are back at home, you will just cover the car with the car cover. This will prevent dust and birds droppings. 

Avoid gasoline spillage

You will need to refill your car tank, except your car is fully electric. During the process of refilling, endeavour to avoid spillage of gasoline on your car paint. If it happens accidentally, you should wash it off immediately. 

Avoid the use of chemicals

In a bid to remove residuals, spots, and scratches from the car, many car owners apply harmful chemicals to their car paints. The effects of such chemicals might not be immediate on the car paint, but they are potentially ruining the paint. 

Touch up

If you notice any scratches or spots on the car paint, you can touch up scratches with a matching nail polish. Just buy a nail polish that has the same colour as your car paint, apply it to the scratches. You will finish the process within a few minutes. 

Advantages of shining car paint

It has been said earlier in this guide that you should properly maintain your car paint so that it would continually shine.

Do you remember the joy you had when you newly bought the car? Here is a list of what you can benefit from when your car paint shines. 

  1. Attractive: When your car paint shines, it will be attractive, not only to you but to others that will see the car. You will likely want to cruise in it more. 
  2. Increased value: Potential buyers consider the exterior of any car before they buy it. When the car paint shines and you intend to sell in the future, you can be assured that the value of the car will increase. 

Can You Use Windex On Car Paint – Conclusion

If you have been applying Windex on your car paint, you should stop and if you have not, you should never attempt it. Windex harms car paint. If you want shining car paint, you can follow the highlighted steps in this guide. 

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