Can You Use Windex On Car Paint?

Can you use windex on car paint

A neat exterior of a car is very important. It makes the car look attractive and increases its value. In a bid to enhance the exterior of a car, many car owners make use of different cleaning products, such as Windex and many other products. However, some car owners do ask if they can make … Read more

Does Gasoline Damage Car Paint?

Does gasoline damage car paint

Except you have a full Electric Vehicle, you will need to refill your car’s tank with gasoline so that the engine can keep working. Many times during the refilling process, it is likely there is a spillage of gasoline on the car paint. When this happens, it dries off almost immediately and you continue on … Read more

Are Baby Wipes Bad For Car Paint?

Are baby wipes bad for car paint

As the name suggests, baby wipes are an effective cleaning material that you can use to clean babies and many other surfaces. It cleans neatly without leaving any traces of the dirt behind. This effective cleaning ability of baby wipes has made many people wonder if it could be used on car paint, especially in … Read more

Will Duct Tape Damage Car Paint?

Will duct tape damage car paints

Duct tape is what every car owner should have in their vehicle because of its numerous functions. You can be in a situation where you notice that your headlight or windshield is shaking, the duct tape will serve as a temporary solution before you get it fixed. However, many people are curious if duct tape … Read more