Does Brake Fluid Restore Headlights?

You might have noticed the change in colour of your car’s headlight but you are not bothered about that. Well, that is likely the way most car owners will behave.

However, you will understand the importance of a clean headlight when you drive at night in a cloudy location. You might have tried different methods, but seemed not working. Now you have been introduced to car brake fluid.

So, Does brake fluid restore headlights? Yes, it can restore car headlights, when done properly, and makes the headlight shine like a new one.

Car brake fluid is one of the cheapest and effective ways you can clean your headlight yourself. How do you use the car brake fluid to clean the headlight? Read on for more information on how you can restore the headlights with car brake fluid.


How can I clean a foggy headlight with brake fluid?

You should not limit your care for a car to engine, brake, electrical alone. The headlight is also important. Therefore you should care for it.

However, in a situation where the headlight has turned foggy, it then becomes an issue for you to clean it. Are you in such a situation right now? This guide will be helpful.

Although there are many ways you can clean the headlight but this guide will recommend the use of brake fluid. You think this is insane, right?

The brake fluid is an effective tool that could be used to clean the headlight and the result would mesmerize you. Highlighted below are steps you should take when you want to clean the headlights with brake fluid.

Clean the car

A dirty headlight might prevent you from knowing how foggy the headlight is. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to wash the car while you pay special attention to the headlights.

You can then dry the headlight with a clean cloth or leave it to air dry. You can now take a closer look at the headlight so you know how foggy it is.

Use masking tape

The brake fluid could damage the car’s paint, hence you need to protect the car. You should use masking tape around the edges of the headlight. However, make sure you use a car grading masking tape.

Apply sandpaper

You should start with wet sandpaper. You should thoroughly wet the sandpaper and use it to scrub the headlight. However, make sure the force you apply on the headlight is even.

You will then notice that the coat is gradually falling from the headlight. You should allow the coat to remove completely. Once you are through with this, you can now apply the dry sandpaper. You should repeat the process until you have a smooth surface.

Apply brake fluid

Once the surface of the headlight is smooth, you can now apply the brake fluid on a clean microfiber cloth. You then use the cloth to rub the headlight gently in a circular motion. You should continue till you have a clear headlight.

In addition, you can repeat the process, depending on how foggy the headlight is. Repeat this till you are satisfied with the outcome.

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Effects of using a brake fluid on the headlight

When done properly, the brake fluid should make the headlight shine brighter with minutes of applying it. However, you should be careful when you use brake fluid to clean the headlights. Here are some of the things that could happen when you use the brake fluid on the headlight.

  1. Damage to the paint: The brake fluid can damage the car’s paint if it touches it. Hence, you should be careful when you apply the brake fluid to the headlight.
  2. Milky white: The brake fluid could make your headlight shine brighter in the interim, but it could be turned headlight to milky white very soon.

Why do headlights turn yellow and foggy?

Let’s start from here. You might be cleaning your car regularly and you do not expect the headlights to turn yellow. Well, as long as you cruise the car, the possibility that the headlight will turn yellow is high. Do you want to know the causes? Highlighted below are some of the causes of the foggy headlight.


The headlights have a topcoat that is meant to protect them against UV light. However, due to tear and wear, the coat gets removed and the headlights become oxidized. The result will be either a yellowish or foggy headlight.

Water vapour

Automotive makers manufactured watertight seals with the headlights. However, years of usage will wear down the seal and it could break. The removal of this watertight seal would enable water vapour around the lens. As a result, this makes the headlight foggy.

Flying debris

As you cruise on different road surfaces, there is debris that sticks to the headlight. The debris could also wear down the topcoat, thereby scratching the plastic of the headlights. When this is done continually, the headlights will turn yellow or foggy.

Dirt and chemicals

As a result of years of usage, dirt and chemicals take their toll on the headlight. Hence, the opaque layer of the headlight dims the light projected by the headlights.

Why do I need a clean headlight?

You might not know the importance of a clear headlight until there is a need for you to drive at night. Nevertheless, there are other benefits of a clear headlight that would be discussed in this guide. Therefore, read on!

Makes the car attractive

I am sure you love the appearance of your car when you newly bought it. The truth is a foggy headlight will make your car look less attractive. With a clean and clear headlight, you can always point to your car with pride.

Saves money

Are you wondering how possible this is? A clear headlight will save you from unnecessary expenses. Many states in the US have laws that prohibit driving with foggy headlights.

You could pay a fine when caught. However, if you have a clear headlight, there won’t be the need for a petty fine that is avoidable.

Optimum performance

You might want your headlight to shine as far as possible, but a foggy headlight will not function the way it ought to. If the headlights are clear, you can be sure it will perform its functions optimally.

Safe driving

Visibility while driving is very important. A clear headlight will ensure that you have good vision while driving at night. You can see coming motorists and pedestrians on time, thereby you have enough time to avert any potential danger.

Comfortable driving

Driving with a foggy headlight could be problematic. It slows down your pace, exposes you to dangers, and makes you feel uncomfortable while you drive because you couldn’t see clearly. With a clear headlight, you might not encounter these difficulties while you drive.

Increase in value

The way the headlight attracted you when you newly bought the car, the same way it will appeal to a potential buyer if you want to sell the car in the future.

A foggy headlight will reduce the worth of the car. However, if the headlights are clear, it would make the car appealing to potential buyers.

How can I prevent the headlights from turning yellow or foggy?

The way you care for other parts of the car, you should also care for the headlights. Preventing the headlights from turning foggy will save you from discomfort.

In addition, it is cheaper this way. Highlighted below are some of the ways you can prevent your car’s headlight from turning yellow or foggy.

Wash regularly

Remember there is flying debris that sticks to the headlights. Therefore, washing the car regularly is not enough to cater for the headlight. How often do you wash the headlight separately?

It is recommended that you wash the headlight with automotive soap every three months. If you can’t do this yourself, you can hire a professional who will do it perfectly.

Park in a shade

It has been stated earlier in this guide that UV light could impair the headlights. You can construct a garage for your car, if possible. You can alternatively look for shade where you can park. However, if these options are not possible, make sure you park in such a way that it won’t face the sun directly.


You should not wait till the headlight goes foggy completely before you act. If you notice any yellow sign on the headlight, you can get a non-abrasive polish.

Just pour a little quantity on a microfiber cloth and you polish the headlight gently. This will remove any traces of yellow colour on the headlight.

Does Brake Fluid Restore Headlights – Conclusion

Getting a new headlight could be expensive but a brake fluid, when applied properly could restore your headlight. If turns foggy again, you can always repeat the steps highlighted in this guide.  However, make sure you are cautious when you use the brake fluid to clean the headlights.

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