Does Gasoline Damage Car Paint?

Except you have a full Electric Vehicle, you will need to refill your car’s tank with gasoline so that the engine can keep working. Many times during the refilling process, it is likely there is a spillage of gasoline on the car paint. When this happens, it dries off almost immediately and you continue on your journey. Nevertheless, many car users want to know if gasoline can damage car paint? 

Yes, gasoline can damage car paint when it happens often and you do not pay attention to it in the process of refiling the car tank, there might be spillage on the car paint which will dry off immediately. The result of this gasoline spillage could ruin car paint with time. Read on for more information. 


Is gasoline safe on car paint? 

Gasoline is essential for the car to function but it is not good on car paint.  When you are refilling your car tank and it accidentally spills on it, it will dry off immediately. Nevertheless, with time, you will notice that the area begins to change colour

In addition, when it comes to removing stains and residuals from car paint, some DIY methods will recommend the use of gasoline to remove stains and residuals from car paint.

If you do this, you are potentially ruining the car paint because the portion where you apply the gasoline will change to another colour or shine lesser than the other parts of the car with time. 

What are the effects of gasoline on car paint? 

When gasoline drops on the car, it evaporates immediately, thereby many car owners do not notice that it has spilled on their car.

In addition, its effect on the car is not what can be noticed immediately, it will take a while before you begin to see it. Highlighted below are some of the effects of gasoline on car paint.

  1. Stain: Frequent spillage of gasoline on the car will stain the paint. You will notice that the portion of the car begins to change in colour. You might quickly notice when your car is painted with a bright color, especially white. If the car is painted with dull colour, you might not easily notice it. It will, however, become obvious with time. 
  2. Smell: Have you ever sat in a car or close to a car and begin to perceive gasoline? Sometimes, it might not be as a result of a leaking pipe or the engine, the spillage on the car paint could be responsible for the smell. 
  3. Dull paint: When you just finish washing a car, the paint will shine brighter. However, the spot where there is gasoline spillage will not shine in the same way with other parts of the vehicle. It will likely shine dull, which might be irritating to you. 
  4. Fire hazard: Gasoline spillage on car paint or using gasoline to clean residuals from the car could expose you to a fire hazard. Though it might evaporate immediately, it can still cause a fire hazard if you move close to a fire source when it has not dried off completely. 

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How can I avoid gasoline spillage? 

You cannot avoid refilling your car except you have a fully electric car. You can, however, protect the paint of your car by avoiding gasoline spillage. Here is a list of what you can do to avoid gasoline spillage. 

Do not overfill your tank

In a situation where you are going on a long journey and you do not want to run out of gas on the way, you might be tempted to fill your tank to the brim.

In such a situation, you are potentially harming the car paint if gasoline should spill on the car. If you are familiar with the road, you should know if there are other stations ahead where you could refill the tank.

If you are not familiar with the road, you can ask people or you make use of Google Maps. Just make sure you do not allow gasoline to spill on your car. 

Pay attention to the nozzle

You should avoid distraction when you want to refill your tank. Pay attention to the nozzle when you are inserting and removing it. Make sure you are careful to avoid gasoline spilling on your car paint. 

Do not use as DIY on paint

Some DIY methods recommend the use of gasoline on car paint to remove residuals and spots. Though it might work, you are, however, potentially ruining the car paint you want to protect. You can use alternative methods when you want to clean residuals and spots from the car. 

Avoid urgent situations

When you want to refill your car tank, do not be in a hurry. Gasoline might likely spill on your car when you are in such a hurry situation. You might not even notice it. 

What can I do when gasoline spills on my car paint? 

It has been stated earlier in this guide that gasoline spillage on car paint can potentially ruin the car, therefore, you should avoid it.

Nevertheless, in a situation where it occurs, there are things you can do to prevent it from affecting your car paint. Read on for what you should do when gasoline spills on your car. 

Clean off immediately

Though you might not be in a location where you can immediately wash the car, you should, however, not allow the gasoline to dry on your car. Don’t wait till you get home before you act, you can clean that spot immediately with a mild wet towel. 

Wash thoroughly

When you get home after refilling your car tank and there is gasoline spillage, you should thoroughly wash the vehicle, paying attention to the spot where the spillage occurred. Also, if you ignorantly use gasoline to remove residuals from car paint, you should thoroughly wash the car afterward. 

Touch up the spot

If you have nail polish that matches your car paint at home, you can use it to touch up the spot. This will reduce its effect on the car paint. 

Hire a professional

When you notice any portion of your car paint is ruined because of gasoline spillage, you can hire a professional that will correct gasoline’s effect on the car paint or guide you on what to do. 

Safety tips when you are refilling your tank

It is a simple process to refill a car tank but could be disastrous when it is not done properly. Here is a list of some safety precautions to follow when you want to refill your car tank. 

  1. Turn off the car engine: The first thing you should do when you want to refill your car is to turn off the engine. Leaving the engine to run could lead to a fire hazard.
  2. Do not press your phone: When you get to most gas stations, it will be stated there that you should not press your phone; this is for your safety. As little as that phone is, it could cause a fire outbreak at a gas station. 
  3. Do not smoke: Smoking cigarettes at any gas station is not encouraged. It might likely cause a fire hazard when you bring a cigarette that is light on close to the nozzle. 
  4. Do not remove the nozzle: In case of a fire outbreak, do not remove the nozzle from the car. It could increase the rate of fire if you remove it from the car. 
  5. Leave the station: Your safety is a priority in a situation where there is a fire outbreak. The first thing you should do is to leave the premises immediately, you can then call the fire service. 

Tips on maintaining the shining colour of your car

Avoiding gasoline spillage on your car paint is a good way to maintain the car paint but it is not enough. Here is a list of other things that you can do to maintain the car paint. 

  1. Wash often: When you wash the car often with automotive soap, the car will maintain an attractive look, and the paint will shine brighter. Using other detergents with bleaching components to wash the car will easily fade the colour of the paint. 
  2. Use car cover: To avoid dust and bird droppings on the car, you can get a water-resistant car cover for your car with a little amount of money. Once you pack the car, you can use the car cover on it. 
  3. Construct a garage: Packing your car under sunlight will ruin the paint of the car. If possible, you can construct a mini garage for your car.  Nevertheless, in a situation where you cannot construct a garage, you can park the car under a shade. 

Does Gasoline Damage Car Paint – Conclusion

You cannot avoid refilling your tank with gasoline except you are using a fully electric vehicle. In the process of refilling the vehicle, you should avoid spillage because gasoline can ruin the paint of your car. 

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